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- Silvija D. Lechowick, Author -

As a child, Silvija Diana Lechowick, along with her family, emigrated from Latvia after World War II. She has always enjoyed composing short stories throughout her life, and she has finally decided to share them. Her hope is that by using  the wide realm of science, as introduced by little animal characters as they live and  love, she will be able to present a better understanding of the various branches of knowledge, but in a fun way.  At the same time, she enjoys weaving into her stories the ironic little twists that life offers. She plans to finish many books under the main heading of Scientific Fairytales for Children.  

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, she was a psychiatric social worker by profession before retiring to raise two daughters. Silvija and her family, which includes four grand children and four (now seven) feral cats, live in Northeastern Ohio.

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In my first book, we consider that we all have run into bullies in our lifetime, as children, and sadly enough, even as adults.  What effect does this have on us?  

In my second book, we can recall how often we see people buried in their cell phones, unaware of surroundings, persons, even family members. What will the life consequences be? 

I have hopes that my books can produce discussions of these social issues, not only among ourselves, but also with our children...perhaps even produce some social change and understanding.  At the same time we can also share some scientific facts, ones meant to inspire the younger mind. 

Some Excerpts...


Some excerpts from The Tale of Little ZerO and Bully 9

"Someday...someday," he whispered to himself.  "I'll show them. I'll show them that I am NOT a nothing.  I'll show them that I AM something," he sniffled.  "I'll show them."

At this point #7 stood there with his thin legs trembling in fright.  His heart began to pound loudly in his chest.  He could hardly breathe because he was so frightened...  But...

They realized that #9 was not so all-powerful.  #9's power had been in how afraid he had made them.  Without fear of #9, they were now the powerful ones.

"Geez," answered Little ZerO.  "I'm sorry.  I just felt so bad that I never looked to see if I had a friend.  All I did was listen to everyone picking on me."

So, you never know how a nothing number like Little ZerO can become that important.  And, you never know how a bully can become considerate, and become endeared and respected by others.


Some excerpts from The Tale of the Strange Ology Family

 Sister BiOlogy roamed around everywhere. She liked to study plants and animals.

At times moments of loneliness would creep into their hearts, but then they pushed these feelings away too, and returned to what interested them. They found that when they thought only of their own interests, it was easier to push loneliness away.

But also, sadly, in time, they found that when they were lonely and wanted to talk to their siblings, they did not even know what to say to each other, or to anyone else.

"Guess it's going to be a beautiful life after all, my dear Mrs. Ology," whispered the mouse-father as he squeezed his mouse-wife's paw.

"Yes, my dear Mr. Ology," whispered his mouse-wife.  "Looks like our beautiful life has finally begun."

And maybe in your own life's travels you might even personally meet some of the other Ology family members.

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Finished book signing at Barnes and Noble, as well as a recent signing at Pandera's in Bainbridge.  Shall post my next signing once it has been scheduled. Thank you.

Some Testimonials

"Caregivers and kids can indulge in some useful and practical ways to share interests after reading.  Most highly recommended."  

                             Readers' Favorites


"These are the new Aesop fables for the generation of our children and grandchildren." 

                               Spirit of Bainbridge


"...story that can help to educate all who read it."   

                                Henry M. Niedzwiecki, Growing up Rocking


" you will want to read and give to all the children (and children-at-heart) in your lives."            

                              Tanya Pilumeli, The Dragonfly Keeper


 " Lechowick's fables help kids understand that bullies are not the all-powerful beings they want you to believe.  Her fable also explores the relationship of cardinal numbers and their values in a fun and original way.  This book is most highly recommended."   Readers' Favorites